Cyclist in the gloaming

1 01 2014

Cyclist in the gloaming



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2 01 2014
Michael J Locke

Hi Mike, after reading your about page decided to give some feedback on this photo.
I feel this one would work better in b&w than your other one. My reason for saying this is I feel with a slight crop across the top to remove the light in the top left, (I find it distracting), the composition is better because the cyclist is more easily seen.


2 01 2014

Hi Mike

Thank you for comment, great to have such feedback. This photo, like most I take, was opportunistic, I try to have my camera with me at all times ready to capture whatever presents itself. As I was passing the local railway station just such an opportunity came up, a dramatic sunset over the Kennet valley, so I took the opportunity. On the way to catch the available light i noticed the cyclist coming up and over the bridge and just had time to prepare as he came down on my side…

I take your comments to heart and will try a different crop and B&W conversion to see how it looks. Thanks for taking the time to comment, it is much appreciated!


Mike M


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