Schroedingers cat in the sunshine

27 06 2013

Schroedingers cat in the sunshine



2 responses

27 07 2013

Sorry, I just don’t get it. What cat? What sunshine? I know… maybe it’s a closeup of cat litter……..


27 07 2013

Hi Richard, well, its a sort of joke, maybe you are having a Schrodingers moment…. i will be literal and ….the previous photo is of my black cat on a pebble driveway, this the next one is of the same space but the cat isn’t / wasn’t there… look up Schrodinger’s cat in wikipedia, sometimes thought of as a paradox, a thought experiment…not that I pretend to understand quantum physics, as I don’t pretend to understand my cat…as she has no interest in understanding me…


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