Avebury, the oldest Henge!

16 05 2013

I visited the Henge (think Stonehenge) at Avebury last week.  It is larger and older than Stonehenge, not as famous, but Avebury is just as mysterious in its origins and purpose as its younger cousin.  Avebury is just to the west of Marlborough in Wiltshire, Stonehenge is on Salisbury Plain in Hampshire 22.5 miles to the south.

The stone the lamb is leaning against is what is called a Sarsen Stone, one of the 247 that form the Henge and  two avenues within the earthworks that make up the Avebury Henge.  The largest of the stones is the Swindon-Stone that weighs in at 65 tonnes, the average Avebury Sarsen is approx 15 tonnes.  The temple within the Henge was in use for some 700 years, up until approximately 2000BC.

It is thought that the 75 Sarsens that are Stonehenge were a gift from the people of Avebury.

Worth a visit, it is the oldest such monument in Europe.



One response

21 05 2013
David A Lockwood

A fascinating period in human history – so much has been left for us to wonder about……



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