Away from my Computer for a while!

29 03 2013

I am going up north to Yorkshire for a week.  My laptop is in for repair, so i can only view on my i-Phone. I hope to capture some good photos for your delectation whilst in the land of the Gods, as the Yorkshire people like to think of it (funny that, we Scots also think of Scotland as God’s own country, and I am an atheist!)

Anyroadupwards, I am away….. But, I invite you all to trawl back thru my photos, not just the newer ones, and please do comment as comments and likes are the food and drink of us blogographers, as you other blogeneers do know… I think we crave approval, what do you think (see, a sneaky way of getting you to comment…..).  THis is plain and ordinary shameless asking for likes isnt it..sooorrryyy…

I have found this whole thing to be fun, interesting and engaging, as it makes me look more closely at my own work, and I have met a lot of interesting people on here whose blogs I have enjoyed reading and photos I many times envy… 

Thank you for listening, and viewing and hopefully commenting.

See you again soon…

Mike M



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