The Umbrella

21 02 2013

The Umbrella

My sons still take the mickey, I took this photo in approx 1986, when living in the Netherlands. It was my first attempt at “art init” photography!



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21 02 2013
Tida Destidation

And I was wondering what was your inspiration 😀


21 02 2013

Hi, well, it was a long time ago, but what I remember is I was trying to connect the lake’s water with the umbrella, with the location (The Netherlands, a very watery place, canals etc) a sort of relationship between the elements…

On the purely compositional level, I was also experimenting with early “rule of thirds” ideas.

My sons have taken the mickey for years, philistines that they are, I was trying to find a way to an artistic expression….

Mike M


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